In very general terms, working out with weights actually breaks down muscle fibers and thereafter the body starts to repair that damage.  Eating right (or eating wrong) will have a tremendous impact on realizing your goals of losing fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger – in other words, getting Greco Fit!


I am not a nutritionist or registered dietician.  My goal is to help my clients realistically look at their current eating habits and make improvements that will have the biggest impact.  If my client has dietary needs beyond my legal and ethical scope of practice, we will partner with trusted and respected professionals to design a holistic, integrated approach to ensure health from the inside out.  I encourage eating real food based on my client’s food preferences and lifestyle. Unlike the false promises of fad diets, developing healthy eating habits takes time and work. Lucky for you, you won’t have to do it alone! Some of the tools I will employ with all of my clients include guidance on clean eating choices, maintaining a food journal, as well as identifying healthy delivery and restaurant options.


Pantry Raid / Kitchen Makeover ($90) – We will come to your house, raid your kitchen including your pantry, cupboards and fridge to show you what could be sabotaging your health goals!  From there, we will work with you to create a healthy grocery shopping list and teach you how to stock your kitchen for optimal health.  Please allow 2 hours for this consultation.


Grocery Store Tour ($125) – Navigating the grocery store can be a challenge. Embracing a new healthy lifestyle can be fun and easy with a little support  to navigate through these new lifestyle choices at the grocery store.  We will take you shopping, offer guidance on deciphering the mixed messages food packaging, help you read food labels and give you hints on how to shop for optimal health in a cost effective manner. Please allow 2 hours for this consultation and tour.