In my twenties, fitness was my life! The gym was my happy place. My dream was to have a fitness and nutrition facility where I would help people live healthy lives. After I graduated from law school at 27, I studied for my personal trainer certification. But I got scared. I was honestly scared of my dream – what if I wasn’t good enough? What if no one wanted to train with me? What if, what if, what if. The reality of billable hours and law school loans became my distraction – and I got complacent. I gave up.

I have been where you are. Overworked, uninspired, tired. But we can be our best selves.Twenty years later, at 47, that dream, that fire which I had allowed to almost burn out – it reignited. That’s the thing about passions – they stay with you. I earned my certification and set out to live my best life.

Greco Fit is the realization of everything I have ever wanted to do with this life I’ve been gifted. I want so deeply to help you become your best self – inside and out. I want to challenge you, to motivate you, to inspire you. Every one of my clients does that for me.

As your trainer, I promise:

  • To always respect our time together
  • To always be honest with you
  • To never be on my phone while we are training
  • To inspire you every day
  • To challenge, guide, and support you
  • To answer your questions and help you understand why we do what we do
  • To provide you with a clean, safe training environment
  • To always be prepared and enthusiastic
  • To never let criticize or speak badly about yourself
  • To assist you in setting and achieving realistic fitness goals